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IT Poland Meeting a partner of Code Europe 2023 – Tech Festival

Exciting news! IT Poland Technology Cluster is now a proud partner of the upcoming CODE EUROPE conference!
We’re thrilled to be part of this amazing event that brings together top industry experts, innovators, and technology enthusiasts from all over Europe. As a partner, we’ll be supporting the conference and its mission to showcase the latest trends and ideas in technology.

In May 2023, Code Europe returns to the industry map of IT events – this time in a new Tech Festival formula! In response to the great interest in previous editions, the organizers decided to expand the event with even more space for learning, networking and exchanging best practices.

Developers, engineers, testers, architects, PMs, IT enthusiasts and cybersecurity experts – representatives of all these groups will surely find something for themselves during Code Europe in Krakow and Warsaw. In both locations, it will be a 2-day event of incredible scale, attracting the best experts and leading technology companies from around the world. 

This year’s Tech Festival is more than an industry conference. It is primarily a solid substantive layer – 6 thematic paths, within which there will be several dozen lectures and … more! The new edition is also a new format of meetings with world-class speakers. In addition to classic lectures, this year’s agenda will also include workshops that allow you to learn through simultaneous practice (remember to bring your laptop!). 

Code Europe is also an excellent platform for industry networking. As part of the previous editions of the event, which debuted in 2016, its participants had the opportunity to ask questions bothering them to such stars of the IT world as: Bjarne Stroustrup (creator of the C ++ programming language), Richard Stallman (founder of GNU), Douglas Crockford (JavaScript guru and originator JSON format) or Walter Bright (creator of the D language). This year there will also be no shortage of great names! Their presence at the Tech Festival has already been confirmed by, among others: David Hanson (CEO of Hanson Robotics, creator of the Sophia robot), Greg Young (creator of CQRS), Matt Harrison (a respected author and Python expert)!

In addition to the TOP speakers, the event will also feature leading technology companies from the country and the world, which will boast of their achievements and implemented solutions. Confirming that Code Europe is more than just another industry conference, apart from a solid dose of substance, there will also be plenty of entertainment and an opportunity to break away from the gray everyday life. Unique attractions await the participants, e.g. competitions with prizes (which you really want to fight for!), a retro video game zone or a dedicated chill zone, allowing you to relax and catch your breath between successive expert speeches. It’s during the day, what about in the evening? An exclusive, closed event for participants, including a DJ set and a concert of some of the biggest stars of the Polish alternative scene. Stay TUNED! 

Code Europe 2023 is a Tech FESTIVAL of flesh and blood – an unforgettable atmosphere, dozens of workshops and lectures. Two cities, and in each of them two days (and 1 evening 😉) full of impressions. The best specialists and enthusiasts of the IT world will meet on May 22-23 in Krakow (ICE Kraków) and May 25-26 in Warsaw (Hilton Warsaw City). It is there, for these few days, that the heart of the European technology scene will be beating. It may sound like a typical cliche, but if you work in the new technologies industry on a daily basis, Code Europe is an event that you really can’t miss if… you don’t want to regret it later, watching our coverage of the event. Gather a team, invite your team, buy tickets and let’s count down the time to our meeting together. See you!

Use the code ITPOLAND20 when you register for Code Europe, and you’ll get a 20% discount on your ticket! Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to hear from industry experts, connect with like-minded professionals, and explore the latest trends in technology.

Register now and secure your spot at Code Europe with IT Poland Meeting!

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