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Ceny transferowe w branży IT

The organizers reserve the right to refuse to register for a B2B meeting due to the limit of places or other organizational reasons.

If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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IT Poland Technology Cluster Team

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MDDP company, which is a partner of IT Poland Technology Cluster, invites you on June 20 at 11.00 for a free webinar dedicated to the most important tax challenges in the field of transfer pricing in the IT sector. The webinar will be held in Polish.

Why is it worth taking part?

The IT industry is currently developing very rapidly and dynamically, which increases the demand for modern solutions, and as a result leads to the creation of many innovative start-ups. Starting a business in the IT industry in the form of a start-up often involves incurring high costs of the product development phase, which may affect the pricing decisions. Let us observe that entities operating in the IT industry often cooperate internationally within one group. Already at the beginning of such cooperation, it is worth correctly determining the tax-correct model of cooperation and the market level of transfer prices in settlements with the group / related entities. We encourage you to participate in the webinar and look at the issues of intra-group settlements from the perspective of the IT industry.

If you are wondering

What problems and challenges do entities operating in the IT industry face in the field of transfer pricing? What TP risks are borne by taxpayers in the IT industry? How to protect yourself against the negative effects of a possible inspection in the field of intra-group settlements? What should be considered to meet the transfer pricing reporting requirements? We invite you to a webinar dedicated to the IT industry, during which we will talk about the most common, most interesting and most demanding issues related to transfer pricing that appear in entrepreneurs operating in the IT industry.

The number of places is limited. The order of applications decides about participation. MDDP reserves the right to select applications and refuse to accept applications, especially in the case of registration of persons representing entities conducting competitive activity.


- The specificity of operations within the IT industry, the capital-intensive phase of new product development, international development and cooperation with foreign related entities
- How to do it to feel safe from the transfer pricing perspective?
- Key transfer pricing challenges in the IT industry and related risks.
- Reporting obligations in the field of transfer pricing for entities operating in the IT industry.

Who is this event dedicated to?

To all taxpayers operating in the IT industry, both starting their activities in the form of start-ups, wanting to expand their activities to international markets and operating unchanged for a long time.


Ways of managing risks related to intra-group settlements in the IT industry. Opportunity to discuss and actively ask questions to the expert. Training materials for all participants.


- Agnieszka Krzyżaniak, Partner
- Aneta Wieczorek, Manager, tax advisor